Taking Control of Wound Infection

Broadcast on 24 February 2014

A cost-effective approach to silver dressings

Judicious use of products, along with standardised protocols, is central to ensuring cost-effective wound management(1,2).

In this webcast Professor Keith Harding, Cardiff, UK, will focus on understanding what is meant by cost-effectiveness, the importance of collecting data, and how clinicians can use data to demonstrate that a health intervention offers value for money for the patient benefits it provides.

Dr Caroline Dowsett, London, UK, will then use a case study approach to show how in one area of practice, audit and implementation of the two week challenge, has led to better control of costs of wound infection through the change to use of silver dressings (ACTICOAT◊), while providing good outcomes for patients.

In this webcast you will gain insight into:

  1. What is meant by cost-effective wound management and how to demonstrate this in clinical practice
  2. Using data to implement an effective treatment protocol to provide cost-effective wound management
  3. Appropriate use of silver dressings adopting the two-week challenge for optimal outcomes in patients with infected wounds

This webcast will include two seminal presentations from our expert speakers, Professor Keith Harding and Dr Caroline Dowsett.


  1. International Consensus. Appropriate use of silver dressings in wounds. Wounds International, 2012.
  2. International Consensus. Making the case for cost-effective wound management. Wounds International, 2013.